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Optimize your linear cutting with Real Cut 1D with angles -Version

Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1: A Powerful Tool for Linear Cutting Optimization

If you are looking for a software that can help you optimize your linear cutting projects, you might want to check out Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1. This is a computer program that can handle one dimensional pieces with angles different of 90 degrees at their extremities, such as bars, pipes, tubes, beams, steel bars, roof profiles, balustrade, fence bars, timber frames, aluminium profiles, PVC profiles, nylon profiles, bridge rails, universal columns, window frames and more.

Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1

Download Zip:

Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1 can generate optimal solutions using the minimum quantity of materials, saving you time and money. It can also compute the cutting order, which is very important if the extremities have angles different of 90 degrees. By properly matching two pieces with sharp extremities, you can save as much as the height of the pieces. For instance, if you match two pieces with 45 degrees at their extremities, you will save half of the material.

How to Use Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1

Using Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1 is very easy and intuitive. You can download the installer or the program from the official website and run it on your computer. You can also use it on Apple MacOS or Linux Ubuntu with a DLL library.

Once you have installed the program, you can start entering your data. You can enter the parts and bars either as real numbers (such as 100.5) or as fractional values (100 1/2). You can also load data from Excel or copy-paste from Excel. You can specify any measurement metric and any size less than 2 billion units.

After entering your data, you can click on the Optimize button and wait for the program to generate the optimal solution. You can see the results in a graphical and tabular form, showing the number of pieces to cut, the length of each piece, the waste percentage, the cost and more. You can also print or export the results to various formats.

Features and Benefits of Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1

Real Cut 1d With Angles V7 8 5 1 has many features and benefits that make it a great choice for linear cutting optimization. Some of them are:

  • It can handle any number of pieces in the stock and parts - virtually no limit for the number of pieces that you want to optimize.

  • It can handle any angle different of 90 degrees at the extremities - you can enter any angle value between -180 and +180 degrees.

  • It can find the optimal length of bars - if you don't know the length of your stock bars, you can let the program find it for you.

  • It can optimize for cost - if you have different prices for different types of materials or lengths of bars, you can enter them and let the program minimize the total cost.

  • It has fractional input - you can enter parts and bars as fractional values (100 1/2) instead of real numbers (100.5).

  • It has online video tutorials and help - you can watch online videos that show you how to use the program or explore the online help that explains all the features and options.

  • It has a speed test feature - you can test how fast the program can optimize a large data set with thousands of pieces.

  • It has a command line feature - you can load data from command line without opening the graphical interface.