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Women Spread Eagle In Public

The spreadeagle (also spelled spread eagle or spread-eagle) is the position in which a person has their arms outstretched and legs apart, figuratively resembling an eagle with wings spread. It is a style that appears commonly in nature and geometry. In human style it is represented by the letter "X".

women spread eagle in public

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The spreadeagle position is frequently seen in various fields of human activity, particularly sports. It is commonly used in Olympic weightlifting, cheerleading, freestyle skiing, gymnastics, basketball, swimming and dance such as contemporary ballet. The spread eagle in figure skating is one of the moves in the field which makes the sport particularly associated with the position. It is also practiced in sky diving and appears in rock climbing and freestyle motocross.[1]

The term spread eagle is used for sex positions where one of the partners adopts all or part of a spreadeagle position. One of the simplest versions has the lower partner lying on their back facing upwards (supine) with their arms and legs spread wide apart. It is a variant of the missionary position and it allows for deep sexual penetration.[2] This position is also used for manual stimulation[3] such as erotic massage of the G-spot[4] or clitoral stimulation using the fingers or a sex toy. Clitoral stimulation can be performed by either partner and can be combined with penetrative sex.[5] The position is also popular for oral sex[6] which can be combined with vaginal massage. It is a comfortable position for the receiving partner to maintain, though the person providing the stimulation may experience neck discomfort. This may make it difficult for them to remain in place long enough for the receiving partner to reach orgasm.[4]

There are a number of variations on the position. The reverse spreadeagle position[3] is a less common version in which the lower partner lies facing down (prone). It is a variant of the doggy style position.[7] If one leg is straight while the other is bent, the position is called the "broken eagle".[8]

The standing eagle variation adapts the spreadeagle to a vertical position. Typically the partner whose legs are spread is either pinned against a wall or stands on one leg and spreads the other. A variant exists that is easier for partners of different heights: one partner rests on the edge of a counter or bed with their legs spread while the other stands and penetrates them. Another vertical adaptation making use of furniture is the sofa spreadeagle: one partner stands on the edge of a bed or sofa or balances on two chairs and squats to allow for standing penetration.[3]

The spread eagle position is also employed as a bondage position in BDSM play, with the submissive fastened to a bed or a specially constructed table,[15] sometimes face down.[7] The wrists and ankles are typically either fastened with ropes or with bondage cuffs attached to straps.[16] Alternatively spreader bars can be used to keep the wearer's legs or arms a set distance apart[17] and produce a spread eagle position[18] lying on the back or front.[19]

An X-cross, a stationary bondage frame in the shape of an X, is often found in BDSM dungeons. It is designed to position and restrain a submissive in a spreadeagle position,[20] restrained at the wrists, ankles and sometimes waist.[21] X-crosses are typically vertical if wall-mounted or lean back at a slight angle if freestanding,[22] and hence they restrain the subject in a standing spread eagle position.[23] Alternatively this can also be achieved using ropes or chains attached to different endpoints.[24]

A spreader bar suspended from the ceiling provides wrist attachment points for a vertical spread eagle position, either standing or hanging.[19] A hanging spread eagle position is also used in suspension bondage, for which wooden or steel bondage rigs are sometimes found in BDSM dungeons.[25] Spreader bars can also be used with subjects who are kneeling on all fours to give access to the buttocks, genitals and anal region.[26]

Bondage in a spread eagle position provides immobility combined with a feeling of helplessness. It typically leaves much of the body available for BDSM play.[24] This may include impact play, particularly if the subject is oriented with the back and buttocks exposed. Alternatively, if the front of the subject is exposed, erotic teasing may be undertaken[23] or erotic torture such as breast torture, cock and ball torture or pussy torture can be used.

Using the technique known an honor bondage,[27] unrestrained submissives are sometimes commanded to assume a spreadeagle position and not to move.[28] This produces extreme vulnerability and can be a source of erotic humiliation.[29] To increase the effect the subject is often required to display their genitals.

In June 2010 a version of this hoax prefaced with an "URGENT News from Gleneagles Hospital" headline surfaced and was disseminated not only via e-mail but also through cell phone text messages and Facebook posts. The rumor spread widely enough that Gleneagles Hospital and Medical Centre (which is based in Singapore) posted a disclaimer on their web site:

Recently, an email and short message service (SMS) has been circulating amongst members of the public pertaining to a poisonous perfume sample which caused the death of seven women upon inhalation and exposure. It was purportedly sent by a person who claimed to be an employee of Gleneagles Hospital Limited, on behalf of the hospital, in order to warn the public as these seven women were supposedly admitted and treated at Gleneagles Hospital.

We understand the panic and mystification that this email has caused and the public's need to seek verification and consolation from a reliable medical institution such as ours. Thus, we would like to highlight that we have never admitted or treated such patients and have never been aware of such incidences. We would also like to categorically state that this email did not originate from our Hospital and / or any of our employees, current or otherwise. In addition, we declare that no one was ever at any time commissioned or authorised by the Hospital to deliver and circulate such warnings. Further to this, we would also like to point out that our registered company name is Gleneagles Hospital (Kuala Lumpur) Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 198498-T) and we were never at any point known as Gleneagles Hospital Limited as claimed in the email.

Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur has refuted a message that has been circulating via email and SMS claiming that a poisonous perfume sample caused the death of seven women upon inhalation and exposure in the Hospital.

According to the online Oxford dictionary, "manspreading" describes the practice whereby a man adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat'. It is a behaviour that is commonly spotted on public transport.

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. This virus was first identified in December 2019 and quickly spread around the world. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness. But some people get very sick, and some die from the disease. While most people recover in a few weeks, some may not fully recover for a long time. Because COVID-19 spreads easily and can be dangerous, it has caused a worldwide public health emergency.

Underreporting of intimate partner violence against women: An important public mental health implicationCollaborating Authors: Sandhya Lohani, Sha-Hanna Saffold, Tanya Jules, Mykala Jackson, Brenda Sims Blackwell, PhD, Suzanne Shurling, MA, Tilicia L. Mayo-Gamble, PhD

In the new study, the researchers evaluated the blood eagle practice by first analyzing human anatomy, breaking down the sequence of the torture step by step and approximating how it might have been accomplished in a public ritual. They then looked at weapons from that era, to see how diverse blades might have been used for a task so laborious and grisly.

The goals of the DSHS Immunization Unit are to eliminate the spread of vaccine preventable diseases by increasing vaccine coverage for Texans, raise awareness of the diseases that vaccines prevent, and educate the public about vaccine safety. We do this through administration of the Texas Immunization Registry (ImmTrac2), which provides access to immunization records, establishment of school immunization rules, and administration of the Texas Vaccines for Children and Adult Safety Net programs, which provide low-cost vaccines to eligible children and adults.


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