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All glue guns dispense melted glue, but depending on the crafts and repairs you most often tackle, one model might be better suited to your use than another. Evaluating features such as how hot the unit actually gets and how much glue it dispenses will help you make the right choice.

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Most glue guns have a single temperature, but a few have adjustable controls that allow switching between high and low temperature as needed. For a wide variety of craft and DIY projects, the best choice might be an adjustable-temperature gun.

Glue guns come in full size or mini, and size relates to the type of glue stick the tool can take. A mini glue gun takes narrow sticks that are 0.27 inches in diameter, and full-size glue guns take larger sticks that are 0.44 inches in diameter. Full-size guns dispense a larger volume of hot glue with each squeeze, while mini guns dispense a smaller amount, making them great for wrapping gifts and making delicate craft objects such as Christmas ornaments.

We evaluated glue guns based on their safety features, heating time, and ergonomics. We checked to ensure that the heating time matches what is indicated in the user manual. Then we used all the guns for various tasks to determine how comfortable and easy they are to operate.

Low melt glue guns use lower temperatures, around 250 degrees Fahrenheit, to melt and apply the glue. While hot melt guns use higher temperatures around 385 degrees. Low melt glue guns are utilized for delicate materials like sensitive upholstery while the bulk of industrial glue guns deal with hot melt glue sticks.

For most industrial applications, a hot melt glue gun is the way to go. Hot melt glue guns are generally more efficient and better suited to large-scale industrial applications like building furniture. There are also more industrial options for hot melt glue guns for an array of different tasks.

At face-value, it seems pretty simple: low melt adhesive and glue guns have a lower melt point, whereas hot melt sticks need more heat to achieve their results. There's more to it than though, however.

Not all glue guns are created equal and those differences are reflected in their pricing. At Prime Industries we include a free Surebonder Pro2 80ht with all 2 case glue stick orders. The Pro 80ht is a quality glue gun, but there's a reason it's only $18. Let's look at a few reason why upgrading to a high-quality glue gun might be a smart choice.

Cleaning and maintaining your glue gun is critical for keeping it in good shape, so how do you clean an industrial glue gun? For the right care you should always clean your gun during and directly after use.

We have seen a lot of confusion in customers trying to find the correct hot melt stick for their specific hot melt gun. To try and help clear up the mystery behind choosing the right size glue stick, we have created a handy little cheat sheet to help you along the way. For specific questions about your hot melt needs or application, always feel free to contact one of our hot melt experts.

1/2" glue hot melt sticks are the most common size available on the market today allowing for the widest variety of formulations to be used. The biggest thing to look for when choosing a 1/2" glue stick is making sure your hot melt gun and stick temperatures match up correctly.

The only glue gun that uses this stick size was invented by 3M and has been around as long as we can remember. The 3M PG II pneumatic glue gun is a workhorse and consistently a top seller in high volume pneumatic glue guns.

The 3M PG II glue gun comes in both standard temp and low temp, it's important to buy the correct temperature hot melt. Since this 3M glue gun is so popular for industrial applications, we are happy that our other manufacturers like Ad Tech and Surebonder also carry this unique 3M glue stick size.

Glue slugs are common for high output industrial applications. Power Adhesives, Loctite/Hysol and PAM all have glue guns that are capable of using the 1 3/4" glue slugs. All the glue guns available to use this size glue slug are high output. Commonly, we see 1 3/4" glue guns used in product assembly and packaging. We have a wide variety of hot melt formula shaped into 1 3/4" slugs.

Please fill out this contact form or give us a call at 877-933-3343 if you are unsure about what glue sticks or glue guns to purchase. We are always happy to help you select the best hot melt formula for your application and glue gun.

This type of glue gun uses a lower temperature to melt glue sticks, making it perfect for projects that require a delicate touch. These guns are safer to use than hot-temperature glue guns and are ideal for tasks such as crafts and repairs. Low-temperature glue guns also typically cost less than hot-temperature glue guns and use less energy.

Dual temperature guns have two different temperature settings: high and low. This makes them perfect for more elaborate tasks since you can use the high setting for projects that require a quick bond and the low setting for projects that require a delicate touch. In general, dual-temperature glue guns are a good option for people who want one gun that can do it all.

When buying a glue gun, you might also want to consider the type of feed it will utilize. Hot glue guns come with either a manual feed or a trigger feed; a manual feed requires you to push glue sticks into the gun each time you want to use it, while a trigger feed allows you to simply pull the trigger, and glue sticks will automatically be fed into the gun. If you plan on using your glue gun often, a trigger feed is a better option because of its overall convenience.

Additionally, you should also consider the design of the glue gun when making your purchase. Some glue guns look more like weapons than tools, while others are designed to be more ergonomic and comfortable. Above all, choose a design that you like and feel comfortable using. If there is a specific type of glue sticks that you would like to use, please consider that, too.

With professional glue guns, you can expect better precision, less waste, and more efficient heating. The AdTech industrial glue gun gives you all this and more with its highly professional design. With the help of this product,