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Candy Crush Saga on iOS: The Perfect Game for Relaxing and Having Fun

Use the colors and shapes on the screen to match sets together. This will remove them and force fresh pieces to fall down. You need to eliminate all the candy in a pre-allocated number of moves. There are special combos that produce unique pieces that can eliminate more than the default number of candies.

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Move through the levels and find new challenges. Some levels may have harder candy that requires power-ups and special moves to break. You may find yourself playing the same level a few times before you can progress, but there are hints and power-ups to help you along.

Matching at least three same-colored candies in a row represents a move in the Candy Crush Saga game. The goal is to clean all the candies, so by having a lot of moves you can match a lot of candies and erase them. You can get Moves from the combination of a color bomb and a candy or a special candy, or a coconut wheel with a candy. With our Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk tho, you will get Unlimited Moves.

You need to match 3candy tiles that are identical and in a row. Various boosters having different powers will be given to you at various points in time. Use them wisely to navigate your way through the board. Use boosters mainly when you have a confusing, difficult puzzle level. Use our Empires & Puzzles MOD APK/IOS to get unlimited gems.

In the game, players complete levels by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same color, eliminating those candies from the board and replacing them with new ones, which could potentially create further matches. Matches of four or more candies create unique candies that act as power-ups with larger board-clearing abilities. Boards have various goals that must be completed within a fixed number of moves, such as collecting a specific number of a type of candy.

Candy Crush Saga is a "match three" game, where the core gameplay is based on swapping two adjacent candies among several on the gameboard to make a row or column of at least three matching-colored candies. On this match, the matched candies are removed from the board, and candies above them fall into the empty spaces, with new candies appearing from the top of the board. This may create a new matched set of candies, which is automatically cleared in the same manner. The player scores points for these matches and gains progressively more points for chain reactions (called cascades).[4] Additionally, creating matches of four or more candies will create a special candy that, when matched, can clear a row, column, or other section of the board.[4]

In April 2011, King released its existing portal game Miner Speed as its first cross-platform (Facebook and mobile) game to figure out the transition between Facebook and mobile games for this new direction.[10][13] King's first major success in this area followed with Bubble Witch Saga, released in October 2011; by January 2012 it has attracted over 10 million players and was one of fastest rising Facebook games at that time.[16] Bubble Witch Saga introduced the "saga" approach in contrast to typical tile-matching games, where instead of having the game continue through a fixed amount of time or until the player reached an unplayable state, the game was divided into discrete levels that required the player to complete certain goals within a fixed set of moves, and where the next level could only be reached after completing the previous level. These saga elements allowed for the basics of social gameplay, but did not require the time investment that then-popular titles like Zynga's FarmVille required; players could play just for a few minutes each day through the saga model.[17] The success of Bubble Witch Saga establishing King as a viable developer in this arena, becoming the second-largest developer by daily player count on the Facebook platform by April 2012, trailing only Zynga.[13][12]

Candy Crush Saga was selected as King's next Facebook game based on the popularity of the portal version of Candy Crush.[11] The basic cross-platform framework from Miner Speed were used to craft the foundation of Candy Crush Saga, adding the "saga" elements from Bubble Witch Saga. Initial ideas to expand Candy Crush into Candy Crush Saga were proposed by Knutsson, around 2011, including making the saga map visually look like a board game.[13][9] The game was first released for Facebook in April 2012, at the time featuring only 65 levels.[18] The game quickly gained popularity, gaining more than 4 million players within a few weeks of release.[19]

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